Learn to Raise Capital for Your Business, Legally

There are many corporate finance books that you can find in the bookstore or online that will teach you how to acquire capital fundraising for a business, whether it’s crowdfunding, angel or venture capital. Unfortunately, many of these resources don’t discuss in detail that there are specific laws and regulations that these capital raises need to abide by to be legally compliant.


The consequences for raising capital incorrectly may result in additional costs, loss of investment, fines, and even jail time. This ultimately will dictate whether or not the business has the ability to be successful.


What Makes Capital For Keeps Better Than Other Resources?CFK-Book

Russell Weigel delivers over 25 years of legal experience in Capital For Keeps. In the early part of his career he worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission as an enforcement attorney, allowing him the knowledge to understand the SEC in a way most attorneys don’t. He now works on the other side of the fence by defending executives from investor and government securities cases and also assists companies in raising private capital and in taking their companies public.


Many people are so focused on the capital raising part that they forget the compliance side. Adherence to business finance law is an important aspect of any business to thrive without suffering the potential financial losses that may occur if they are ignored. Capital For Keeps is a very inexpensive resource provided to help business owners see these errors before they make them.



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