Capital Fundraising: Why Capital For Keeps?

Entrepreneurship and starting a business is an amazing thing. It creates new jobs, opportunities, enhances technology, and even improves our way of living. It’s the cornerstone of American business and innovation. However, when our economy took a few wrong turns, banks began shutting their doors on investing in startup businesses, and many qualified employees were now not-so-gainfully employed and seeking opportunities.


This double-threat dilemma has lead to the conclusion of acquiring outside investors to fund new business. However, this presents a whole new set of problems. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the risks involved not just in starting a business, but acquiring investors legally in a manner that does not attract attention to be sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission for breaking corporate finance law. Honest and hardworking people are finding themselves serving time incarcerated because of their ignorance to business finance law.


Russell Weigel has been practicing securities law for many years and Capital For Keeps is a corporate finance book that focuses on capital raising from a legal compliance perspective and includes information that details the do’s and don’t with regards to raising capital for a business. It has been written with minimal legal terminology so entrepreneurs can easy understand the information without having a legal background.


If you’re looking to initiate capital fundraising, start by reading Capital For Keeps. None of the information provided in the book constitutes a client-attorney relationship, but it will give you the information you need at an extremely affordable price.

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