Chapter 1. Raising Capital – An Overview of the Regulation of Investment Offerings and the Risks of Non-Compliance

Chapter 2. Taking Inventory: Your People, Your Cash Needs, and Your Friends

Chapter 3. Mindset of Management: Corporate Pirates or Kumbayah-Culture?

Chapter 4. What Does “General Solicitation and Advertising” Mean and Why Is It a Problem?

Chapter 5. Penalties and Problem Areas

Chapter 6. The Solicitation to the Investor: Making an Offer

Chapter 7. Who Can and Cannot Communicate with Prospective Investors

Chapter 8. Who You Should Not Speak to

Chapter 9. Methods of Communicating Financial Offers

Chapter 10. How Much Capital Do You Need? Exemption Planning

Chapter 11. What Is the Roadmap to Raising Capital with the Least Litigation Risk?

Chapter 12. A Simple Real Estate Financing Example

Chapter 13. A Simple Business Buyout Example

Chapter 14. A Simple Start-Up Business’ Capital Raise

Chapter 15. Capital for Keeps – Keeping Investors Happy

Chapter 16. Professional Assistance

This table is current as of September 20, 2013.

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